Director Andrew Douglas on set in Phoeni

Andrew Douglas is a screenwriter, director, producer, and a valued member of the International Documentary Association and the Documentary Producers Alliance. He has always been interested in movies, and started cutting together out-dated VHS clips of early surfing footage at age 12, and still owns the original copy. He founded the independent production company White Shadow Films in 2012, under-pinned by a clear desire to produce films that explore human nature and point audiences towards truth.


Crissy Outlaw is a former pornographic actress. She began working in adult entertainment in 1999, and between 2001 and 2006 had performed in over 50 adult films. In 2006 Outlaw quit working in the adult industry. After retirement, she began speaking out and appearing in national media projects addressing the harms of pornography, human sex trafficking, and the sexual exploitation of women and children. Outlaw now travels domestically and internationally sharing her story. 


Mitch Salmon is a former sex addict, and one of only two men that came forward to share personal stories of overcoming addiction. He does so in the hope that other men will find freedom from their shame and addiction also. Salmon believes that there are countless men from around the world who allow shame to keep them from ever speaking up about their own struggles, and the freedom that can be experienced by breaking the addiction.


Patrick Trueman is the president of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, based in Washington, DC. The American non-profit was established in New York in 1962 after grade-school children were found with hardcore pornography. The organization seeks to raise awareness about what they regard to be the harms of pornography and other obscenity to individuals, families and society. Some of their recent campaigns include; The Safe Library Project and White Ribbon Against Pornography Week.

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American actor Michael Madsen has made legendary contributions to cinema. With infamous roles in everything from Reservoir Dogs (Quentin Tarantino), Donnie Brasco (Johnny Depp) to Kill Bill: Vol 1 & 2 (Uma Thurman), Sin City (Bruce Willis) and The Hateful Eight (Samuel L. Jackson) he has made a lasting legacy on Hollywood. With a career spanning three decades, he is one of the world's most recognizable names in filmed entertainment and will continue to be so long after his time


Jason Chu is a hip hop artist based in Los Angeles, California. He is inspired to write and perform and is on a mission to speak hope and healing in a broken world. In his own words, "I believe in hope. Hope is not easy. We're told, 'set your sights lower, care less and watch out for yourself. Your dreams are too foolish. Your hopes too childish.' But I believe it's right to care, to give and to be moved by what we see around us. The doubtful merely lack faith."


Jan Villarubia is an ex-porn star who now shares her amazing story, having left the sex industry several years ago. She is a wife, mother and author who is determined to raise awareness about the dangers of the adult industry. In doing so, she has helped hundreds of women from falling into the same trap that once held her captive. 


Harmony Dust is an American social activist for women who work, or previously worked in the sex industry. Dust was an exotic dancer until the age of 19 but quit the industry in 1998. She is also the founder and executive director of Treasures Ministries - an outreach and support group for trafficked women operating in the sex industry capital of the world - the San Fernando Valley, CA.