LOS ANGELES June 20, 2019 - Motion picture production company White Shadow Films announced today that it has completed physical production on its new feature documentary, TEN MILLION THROWAWAYS. Written and directed by Australian-born filmmaker Andrew Douglas, and shot on-location in several continents, the documentary shines a light on the pornography industry and its direct links to human sex trafficking, which generates $32 billion every year.

Narrated by Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Brasco, The Hateful Eight, Kill Bill, Sin City), TEN MILLION THROWAWAYS was filmed in several countries as well as sex trafficking hotspots in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix, Arizona.

Notable real-life cast include musician Jason Chu, ex-adult performers Crissy Outlaw and Jan Villarubia, and former exotic dancer Harmony Dust who have collectively starred in more than 100 adult movies.

"In 2006 the revenue from the US porn business was over $13.3 billion, which is more than the NFL, NBA and major league baseball combined"

                                                                                         Harmony Dust, ex-stripper

In a post #MeToo era TEN MILLION THROWAWAYS tells the R-rated story of six individuals from both sides of the camera. At different ends of the spectrum, all were either sexually abused as children or exposed to graphic material at a young age. From ex-porn stars and recovering porn addicts, to the leading US organizations that exist to combat the flow-on effects of the pornography pandemic, the documentary uncovers the illegal operating practices of the multi-billion dollar adult entertainment industry which continues to fuel human sex trafficking on American soil.

"You know between cigarettes, weed, drugs, gambling and porn - one of those is clearly the cheapest option"

                                                                                                  Jason Chu, musician

White Shadow Films is an independent film production company that exists to develop, package and produce life-affirming and entertaining motion pictures. Spearheaded by producer and founder Andrew Douglas, the company's primary purpose is to see each project nurtured from initial concept, through production, marketing and distribution.


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