SYNOPSIS:  Now, more than any time in history, the global and unquenchable thirst for porn has reached epidemic proportions for both men and women. Turning to the internet for human connection is one of a few ways to keep from isolating in the current pandemic environment. It’s been said before that porn is the drug of choice in the new millennium. It will take you further than you want to go and keep you longer than you want to stay. A growing consumer appetite for underage performers and violent sex dominates today’s porn. Ten Million Throwaways uncovers the dramatic and illegal operating practices of this multi-billion-dollar industry. The film exposes porn producers, and the brutality performers are often forced to endure in order to satisfy the growing demand for sexual violence. Generating over $32 billion for these filmmakers - more than the NFL, NBA and MLB combined - most performers end their careers broke, broken, or dead before the age of 30.